This Is Considered “Saving Money,” Right?

I really wish I would’ve signed up for this during the shopping season but I guess it’s never too late. Well it’s too late to get all that cash back from Christmas shopping…

I had seen the commercials late at night for Ebates and just assumed it was one of those gimmicks and it sort of is in the sense that it entices you to shop more but if you’re disciplined and only use it for purchases that you’d typically make online, it works out pretty well.

Once I set up my account, all I had to do was sign into the Ebates website and then search for the store I needed. As long as you click through the Ebates site, you get credit for whatever you buy.

This is my cash back so far…

I think how it works is that the stores that link with Ebates gives them a commission on whatever you buy… Then Ebates turns around and gives you a percentage of the commission.

I can’t ever imagine getting a huge check but every little bit of extra cash I can get back makes it worth it. I think if I can plan my purchases, I can make this even more worthwhile.

If you decide you want to try it out, you can sign up here!!

Disclaimer: If you choose to sign up using the referral link above and make a purchase, I get a $5 bonus from Ebates. Every little bit helps pay for my crafting, fabric collecting, kawaii collecting habit. Don’t judge me!!! 

Featured Image: Image credit to Ebates website


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