Higgy Baby

Tom Selleck has been apart of a long running family joke. Ever since I can remember, we’ve teased my mom about loving that mustachioed piece of man-meat. She’s always adamantly denied her love for him but we just won’t let it go and it makes he super mad.

After Belle was born, we were up a lot in the middle of the night with Magnum P.I. reruns aired and we fell in love with a different fuzzy-lipped man… Higgins.

I know I watched Magnum when I was younger but I have no recollection of Higgins. Maybe we just talked about Tom Selleck so much when I was little that it somehow seeped into my subconscious. Well, we watch so much Magnum in the early days of having Belle at home and J.D. got so into the show that he did some research and found that the actor, John Hillerman, was also a UT Journalism graduate. Of course we had to do some more digging and also found his contact info. So, for obvious reasons, we had to write to him for an autograph for Belle’s baby book.

And guess what?! Higgy Baby wrote back!! Belle is going to be really confused when she looks back in her baby book and sees this autograph. I guess we will have to keep the family joke going and invent a Higgins crush for Belle.

Featured Image: Image credit to Alexander Henry Fabrics, “Mister Stache.” 


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