Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

How have I not know about Neko Atsume sooner?!?! Thankfully, Anastasia remedied the situation this past weekend.

Neko Atsume is a Japanese cat collecting game that is perfect for crazy cat ladies who have no desire to clean 300 liter boxes. It’s available for download iOS and Android devices for free but there are in-app purchases for the impatient kitty collector.

To start the game, you put out food (thrifty bit) for free and some small toys and within a few minutes, kitties arrive in your yard! Once they’ve eaten and enjoyed the toys, they’ll reward you with silver or gold sardines and leave. You can use the sardines to upgrade their food, and if you’re really thrifty with your sardines, you can upgrade your yard.

While the kitties are in your yard, you can take snapshots of the for your photo album and watch them play with the toys you’ve set our but that’s about it… Once in a while the kitties will bring you mementos that you collect for no real reason other than a reminder that the kitties love you.

What’s the draw of such a passive game? I guess it’s the same reason people love cats. You have to be patient and wait for their mild affection… They literally don’t need you because if they run out of food, they won’t die, they’ll just leave you… Forever. Well, until you put out new food.

So far, I’ve collected 27 of the 49 kittens and I’ve resisted spending any real money on the game. Poor Sugar Lump is being replaced by digital kittens… Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if she brought me mementos once in a while and quit barfing on the floor.

Featured Image: Image credit to real Neko Atsume game play.


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