Paper Hexi-Art

I’ve been wanting to start a hexigon quilt. They’re so pretty and they say that you can mindlessly put together each hexagon while watching TV or waiting on kids in the carpool lane… The problem is that my kids aren’t in school yet and the only time I watch TV during the day is while I’m breastfeeding Belle or being purposefully lazy.

So, I started staying up after their bedtimes to cut out templates and fabric scraps for the hexagons and it’s taking forever!!

Then it dawned on me, after punching the 300th template, that while I work on the tedious process of cutting and piecing a million fabric hexagons, I can somewhat satisfy my hexi-love with a quick and simple paper project.

For this project, I used:

I punched a bunch of hexagons and I arranged them in the pattern I liked. Then, I ran each piece through my sticker maker and placed them on a piece of 12 X 12 black cardstock. For the pieces on the edge of the page, I just cut some hexagons in half and filled in the spaces.

I’m pretty happy with my final product especially since I just pulled some random scrapbook paper I had to try it out… Now I’m off to find some more paper so I can make a larger piece for my bare-walled craft room.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to items I purchased for my projects. Don’t tell J.D. about these because he doesn’t need to know exactly how much I spent. And J.D., if you’re actually reading my blog, be smart and don’t click. You know you enjoy your blissful ignorance…


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