Wild Kratt’s Creature Adventures

Last night we took Bean and Belle to see Wild Kratts Live! and to our surprise, the venue was jam-packed with kids. I honestly thought the crowd would be pretty small since it was a Thursday night and it was an educational kids show but it was awesome to see so many little kids who were all so excited about the same thing.

Bean had his first meltdown of the night when security wanted to look in my bag. As I put it down on the table, he started sensing that something was different and kept trying to pull my bag back. When the security lady started shining her flashlight into my bag, he started crying and screaming, “That’s my mommy’s bag!” I was super embarrassed and apologetic but the lady was really sweet and praised him because “he was doing his job and protecting his mama.” Of course when we got to the next checkpoint where they had to wand us with the metal detector, Bean was already primed for a freak out… All I’ll say is that he may have windmill-kicked the security guy but the dude was super nice about it.

Once we got into the venue, Bean was so excited and thankful that he hugged and kissed on us all the way through the souvenir line and all the way up to our seats. We specifically booked seats on the edge of the first row of the balcony so Bean could see all the action over the railing and so he could move around a bit more but he couldn’t run up to the stage.

When the show started, Bean immediately covered his ears and said it was “too loud” but he got used to the noise level pretty quickly and got into all the participation that the Kratt Brothers built into the show. He loved answering the questions about animals and he liked that he knew the songs and the general pattern of the show. The sets were pretty simple and costumes were funny but true to the style of the cartoon. Both Chris and Martin seemed genuinely sweet and it was awesome that they really embraced the zaniness of the cartoon and relayed that to the live show.

When the show was over, Bean was distraught. He immediately realized there was no more and sobbed for them to come back. He cried all the way to the car. It wasn’t the screaming, “throwing a fit” cry but more of a heartbroken, “can’t catch your breath” sob. J.D. got him calmed down before we got in the car and on the ride home, all Bean could talk about was the Wild Kratts. He also woke up this morning and the first thing he screamed was “WILD KRATTS!”

I love that he enjoyed the show so much and I’m so glad that we decided to take him. I honestly really liked the show and I think J.D. enjoyed it too. I got a ton of awesome ideas for Bean’s upcoming third birthday party and I’m super excited about getting it all done.

J.D. mentioned in the car last night that it’s pretty sad that Bean probably won’t remember this show when he’s older. He won’t remember how excited and how happy he was tonight. I just hope we can keep finding these things that makes his heart explode with happiness.

Featured Image: Image credit to Kratt Brothers Company and 9 Story Media Group. 


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