Tampa > Dubai > San Diego

J.D. is off again and this time he’s going to Dubai for the next leg of his business trip marathon. He was able to take last Friday off so I could have a bit of a respite from being a single parent. He brought Bean and Belle some pretty cute souvenirs and got me a new magnet for our collection.

During his brief time back, we got some errands done, spent some quality time together as a family and had a heck of a time making sure Bean and Belle made it to mass this week.​

Jordan planned on taking us on Thursday night but after he finally got home after a delayed flight, we totally forgot about it and accidentally spent the evening playing at home. We tried a couple of churches on Friday but the times were all either incorrectly posted on their website or we couldn’t find the service location and couldn’t find anyone to ask for help…


Image Source: MaryLea via Flickr

We ended up going to St. Thomas University on Saturday for mass and it was different than our usual church experience. Bean has been to probably 40+ churches in three countries in our attempt to keep his perfect attendance streak alive and Belle has her own little streak going. Bean isn’t always super well-behaved at church but we want him to know how important it is to have faith and to be be devoted to something.St. Basil Chapel on St. Thomas’ campus is really minimalistic. The pews are really low profile, the station of the cross are carved into the chapel walls and the whole chapel is pulled together with a giant recessed window in the shape of a thin cross. It was really beautiful and it had really good acoustics… There were only maybe 20 super quiet people at the service which meant that all of Bean’s questioning whispers were super amplified. He actually acted better than he usually does but it was tough because everyone was so silent and there was not music or anything that would muffle his quiet noises.

The father gave a quick homily because he “didn’t have time to prepare anything” but he did offer a quick thought for us to take us through the week. We later saw him leaving the chapel in a cowboy hat… It was all in all a good experience.

J.D. will be gone for a week this time. He’s going to be in Dubai for a couple of days and then going straight to San Diego for a convention. It’s the longest he’s been away from Bean or Belle and my longest stretch of single parenthood. Wish me luck!

Featured Image: Photo credit to Chapel of St. Basil at the University of St. Thomas.


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