Sortin’ & Shreddin’ & Stressin’…

What happens when J.D. goes out of town on business? It gets crazy at home… The label makers come out!!

I got it into my brain that our files need organizing because it’s tax season and we always seem to have a huge stack of mail that need to be put away. So, every night after Bean and Belle go to sleep, I take everything out of the file cabinets and try to sort it all. Previously neat files of paperwork become giant stacks of unruly garbage. Files that were previously labeled in one fashion are completely stripped of their well-functioning labels and are relabeled something that’s more confusing and less descriptive.

This is what happens every single time I’m home alone with the kids. I find some area of the house that needs to be “organized.” It does eventually get done but at the cost of my sleep.

I got rid of a bunch of paperwork and bills which had to be shredded and of course Bean woke up and wanted to help me shred. He also wanted to use my label makers but that’s just a no-go because I love them.

Now that I’m done with organizing our house documents and I’m more prepared to do our taxes, the next area that’s been bothering me is Bean’s downstairs playroom. He’s got so many toys with a million pieces that I need to make sure are still together… Such minor issues get blown up into major stressors when J.D. is gone and my brain is allowed to think too much.

Featured Image: Photo credit to FV Recycling


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