Our Treasures From Dubai & Germany

The only positive thing about being a single parent for a week is the souvenirs that you get once the traveler gets home.

J.D. came home and reported that Dubai is probably the most tourist-centric place he’s ever been. It was easy to get around, cheap to take a taxi and had great souvenirs that embodied the region.

We’ve had several discussions about how sucky souvenirs are and how much better we could make them… I mean the Harry Potter shop at Kings Cross Station in London looks cool but totally missed some huge opportunities for awesome souvenirs.

Not the case with Dubai! J.D. said that the next time he gets to go to Dubai, we get to go with him. He said the souks are amazing and you can find a ton of souvenir gems.

He obviously picked up some magnets for my collection but J.D. also picked a stuffed camel for Bean and a bar of camel milk soap and camel milk chocolate for me. The huge highlight of this haul is the little magic genie lamp for Belle. I love that she can look at this little bauble when she’s older and think, “My dad went to the other side of the world and brought me back a magic lamp.” That’s just special.

On his way home, J.D. had a six-hour layover in Germany and he got one of the travel agents to give him a wristband so he could visit the other terminals to shop. He picked up some Kinder Surprise Eggs for Bean, some more magnets and a cool beer stein thimble that I’m super in love with. It may be the beginning of another weird trinket collection since I’m running out of fridge space for all the magnets…


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