Mommy & Me Legos

We took Bean to the Lego Store yesterday and let him play in the Duplo building area. I think it’s probably one of his favorite outings. He got to build, play with some new bricks that he’d never seen before and clean up the stray bricks all around the store. He’s the weird kid who enjoys doing that… It’s something he picked up when we lived 500 feet away from the Lego Store at the Stratford Mall in London.

When Bean was little, J.D. always insisted that Bean hated Legos and that I make him go in that store because I liked Legos. At the time Bean was probably too little to really “love” Legos but he would look at the blocks, chew on them, knock them together… Typical baby stuff.

J.D. never played with Legos when he was little so he just doesn’t get it. I don’t remember having a ton of Legos as a kid but I do remember my sister getting a pirate ship set for Christmas one year and spending a ton of time looking at the cute, tiny pieces and putting the set together. I can still remember my favorite piece of the set was a tiny see-through, golden rod colored stud that was supposed to be a gold doubloon for the pirate treasure box. It was sooooo tiny!

Now that Bean is bigger, he really does love Legos of all shapes and sizes. He started really building this last summer when I bought him some cheapo off-brand bricks to take with us while we moved all over. Once J.D saw Bean being so creative and verbal when describing his builds, he started really seeing their value.

Every time we get the chance, we like to take him into the store to explore. Sometimes we get him a little set to take home, sometimes I get a bigger set for me… If we are lucky, J.D. let’s us each get a set. Haha… Like he has a choice.

Yesterday we were lucky and I found us each a set. Bean got the Lego Duplo Town Police Patrol set. I wasn’t planning on getting him a set but they had a new car brick that I thought would really add to his collection.

And I got the Lego Creator Lakeside Lodge set.

It’s the biggest set I’ve ever bought myself and I felt a little guilty about the $30 price tag because what 28-year-old “needs” a Lego set and it seemed like a silly thing to spend money on… But I really liked it and I justified it by the fact that it has three builds in one box.

I can’t wait until nap time on Monday when I get to break this thing open!! I’m definitely building the main lodge first because I love the longhorn mount and the moose!!


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