Kinder Surprise Eggs

Bean is one of the brainwashed babies who love watching Kinder Eggs videos on Kids YouTube. It wasn’t a big deal when he didn’t know that the eggs in the videos really existed but then we spent a month in London and they were everywhere, our cover was blown.

When we  headed back to the states, I had to smuggle them in because apparently it’s super illegal to bring chocolate eggs into the country because the tiny toys inside are a choking hazard… I went full on unpacking each carton and stuffing each egg in a protective sock and then splitting the haul between our luggage just in case we got searched, it’d be unlikely for them to confiscate our entire stash. Of course when we got back, I felt like a badass and congratulated myself on a successful smuggling endeavor. And each time Bean would get an egg, I’d pat myself on the back and think, “Good for you, Mom. Righting an injustice for your Bean.”

When J.D. goes abroad, I always tell him to look for these eggs from different countries because each country has its own type of slight variation of chocolate and each country’s egg toys seem to have that country’s special quality to them…

So every time he comes home with a box, I quiz him on if he followed my smuggling directions. The answer is always “no.”

Apparently I over-hyped the level of banning American Customs has on these. I guess they’re not that interested in catching Kinder Egg smugglers as they are with people smuggling Colombian nose candy or like Uzis or whatever. Psshh… Priorities people!!


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