Ferrero Rocher vs. Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe

J.D. spent a some time traveling for work and giving talks at sugar conferences and he got to meet the guy who buys sugar for my favorite candy… Ferrero Rocher!

For Christmas, J.D. ordered me a giant box of Ferrero Rocher and then also ordered a box of the new Hershey’s knock-offs so I could compare them…

The best thing about Ferrero Rochers is that the wafer keeps the chocolate coating and the Nutella separate until the right moment when you crunch into the wafer and everything mixes perfectly.

Kisses Deluxe doesn’t have this. Their “wafer” is kind of like the rice cereal bits that you find in a Crunch Bar. Now, I love Crunch Bars and I have good memories of them from my childhood when my dad would get us one to sneak into a movie… But you can’t use those rice bits as a substitute or analogous structure for the Ferrero Rocher wafer.

Kisses Deluxe is missing the crunchy nutty bits on the outside layer and the chocolate layer and hazelnut spread in the Kiss is subpar in every way since I’m sure they just used their knock-off brand of Nutella and their water-downed cheapo chocolate that school children eat in bulk on Valentine’s Day. The ratio of chocolate and the hazelnut spread is pretty bad, too.

But, I’m happy to report that the hazelnut center is pretty much the same in both candies. I mean you can’t really screw that up…

Another thing I don’t like is the inability for me to eat the Kiss in stages. When I was really little and my granddad would get Ferrero Rocher for Christmas, he would throw me and my sister a candy and I would eat each layer individually. First, the chocolate and nut layer, then the wafer layer and if you were super careful about nibbling off the wafer layer, you’d be left with a perfect sphere of Nutella and the hazelnut treasure in the middle. You can’t do that with the Kisses Deluxe!

My one and only complaint that I’ve had about Ferrero Rocher is that the plastic boxes that they come in are not equal to the chocolate that they hold inside! You’d think that a premium chocolate that is very gift-able would come in a box that could hold up for reuse. They don’t… The plastic is so brittle that usually, even now as an adult, the corner of the plastic box is broken the minute I try to open it. Hershey’s Deluxe also has this issue but they compounded it by using a weird pillow box shape which means that the box is not only brittle but also takes up a stupid amount of space and is basically begging to be thrown away.

I honestly didn’t mean to write such a scathing review since it’s just chocolate candy but I guess the Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe really bother my psyche…

The whole point of this story was that when J.D. met the sugar buyer for Ferrero Rocher, he asked him if his company knew about the Hershey’s knock-offs. The buyer said that they did and they “actually bought a box for their holiday party” and that they “had a good laugh” about them.

And yet another reason why Ferrero Rocher is awesome.


2 responses to “Ferrero Rocher vs. Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe

  1. First, if the box that ferrero rocher comes in were tougher/stronger it would end up costing the consumer more money, and I don’t know about you but I think they’re expensive enough. Second, the middle is also chocolate, not nutella. I know because I can’t stand nutella lol but everything else I agree with. Kisses deluxe don’t compare at all to ferrero rocher.


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