Jamberry vs. Incoco Nail Wraps

At one point, I got really into Jamberry Nail Wraps… I liked that I could do them at home during nap time and not feel guilty about leaving Bean at home and going to a salon. Also, if he woke up while I was doing my nails, I could still take care of him without waiting for nail polish to dry or worry about smearing fresh,painstakingly painted nails. Painting my nails used to be a whole event since I have the hand-eye-coordination of a blind walrus…

So, I was really happy to find an alternative – even if it wasn’t perfect.

February’s Target Beauty Box came with a set of Incoco’s Nail Polish Appliqué so I thought I’d compare them to the leftover stash of Jamberry wraps I have and see how they compared in the application process and daily wear and tear…

Here’s the basics of Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué… Each pack costs about $9 and contains 16 double-ended strips which can be used for one manicure. They are made of nail polish so they’re super thin. Other than prepping your nails with nail polish remover or alcohol wipes and cleaning up your cuticles in whatever manner you want, everything you need is in the package. They say it can last up to two weeks, can be removed with nail polish remover, doesn’t damage nails and offers “salon-quality results.” Watch the application video, here.

Jamberry Nail Wraps claims some similar things… Each pack costs $15 and contains 18 strips which can be used for at least two manicures and two pedicures with some clever cutting. They are made of vinyl which means you to not only prep your nails and cuticles, but you also have to use a heat source to activate the adhesive. They also claim to last up to 2 weeks on hands and up to 4 weeks on toes and you can soak your fingers in nail polish remover to safely remove the wrap. They also say that they won’t “streak, smudge or chip.”  Watch the Jamberry application video, here.

Heres what I think:

Image Source: Incoco’s “Brilliant Burst” & Jamberry’s “Boomerang”

Jamberry Nail Wraps are definitely the best value out of the two. Even if you’re really wasteful with the wraps, you can get two full manicures out of a sheet. I couldn’t even get a full manicure out of one sheet of the Incoco strips because contrary to what their application video claims, you definitely cannot realign the strips and you can’t really stretch the strips around your nail without tearing a few of them because they are thin like plastic wrap.

Since the Incoco strips are super thin, they feel as if you don’t have anything on your nails, which is nice… Jamberry wraps sometimes feel like they’re suffocating your nails and since they are made of a thicker material, if you have more rounded nails, sometimes the wraps won’t lay flay and will bubble at the edges and cause them to lift.

Jamberry does require more tools, like the mini heater, but you can totally do the application with a hair dryer. Either way, I’m going to accidentally wake up Bean or Belle at least once by using a heat source… Not a good thing.

Also, Jamberry is going to suck more money out of you because they have way better designs that you can easily mix and match and collect a stash of, whereas the Incoco strips have to be used in one application once you’ve opened the package since the nail polish deteriorates.

As for the final product, the Incoco color that I was sent in my Target Beauty Box was not one I would have typically chosen for myself. But besides that, when I filed off the excess strip, the all the tips got really ragged and out of the four nails I applied Incoco to, only one, my middle finger, had a perfect base and edge application. Definitely not a “salon-quality” finish. An Incoco application would’ve been a lot quicker if I hadn’t torn so many strips and gotten frustrated, since a Jamberry application usually takes me about 30 minutes.

So, issues with both brands but I’m glad I got to try another brand and I’ve basically concluded that maybe unpolished nails are under-rated. I’ll obviously dip into my Jamberry stash on the occasions that I have nothing to do during a rare double Bean and Belle nap but I still haven’t really figured out how to have nice, polished nails without any of the work and without paying someone to do them… The struggle is real.

Disclaimer: This posts has affiliate links for both Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué and Jamberry Nail Wraps. I don’t really recommend either one with any gusto but if you want to try them, I guess I can’t stop you! I’m not a distributor but I have some Jamberry singles that I would obviously be willing to send out to the loyal blog reader!! 


6 responses to “Jamberry vs. Incoco Nail Wraps

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  3. I have also used both and don’t like the jamberry as much as they are not real polish. I think you could have watched some tutorials on how to apply incoco because with some cutting and such you can also get two manicures out of it.. They also sell a sister brand coconut nail at Walmart that you can do one manicure out of for only 4.99. You can pick up and put them back down as long as they are not super hot and you do it immediately. You’re right they don’t stretch well but if you do it just right you can without tearing. I am not a consultant of any kind. I am not licensed to do nails but I can apply my own gel and my own acrylic if wanted. Incoco to me is way better than jamberry. Just my opinion.


    • Haha, I honestly haven’t played with these much since last year… I also tried the spray on nail polish and that had such potential but ultimately peeled off immediately… I’ll probably stick to regular polish, if I ever get into nails again. 🙂


  4. Give incoco (or color street nails) another try. I have a friend who sells color street nails so I bought some to support her (color street is just incoco rebranded and sold at a higher price point by distributors). I’m actually pretty impressed. Application was easy, the wraps stretched and smoothed out nicely. I do have shorter nails, but I could probably get 3 manicures out of one set. I would think others with longer nails could get two and some accent nails out of a set. Polish tends to peel off of my nails in less than 24 hours but these seem to stay put. I haven’t had any lifting, tearing, chipping, or bubbling and application took me less than ten minutes.


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