Wild Kratts Party Inspiration Board

This year I let Bean pick his own birthday party theme and he picked… Wild Kratts. Big surprise, huh? Since it’s a relatively small show on PBS, there’s not a ton of readily available party supplies so I’ll have to improvise a lot of it. It’s not like I can walk into Party City just sweep the “Wild Kratts” shelf… Not that I would want to. I love creating parties for Bean since I usually have a really specific look in mind for it. I want Bean to have a party he can enjoy and be excited about with the aesthetics that I enjoy… Haha.

Image Source: Amazon.com; IKEA.com; PBS.org

I did a quick search online and found that PBS.org actually created a few cute party ideas for a few of their shows. I’m not sure which of their ideas I’m going to poach but I’m definitely using their pictures of Chris and Martin as a reference to create a Creature Power Suit for Bean. I know they sell these but I don’t really like the material they use… And apparently, I like to make extra work for myself. I’m also going to use their Creature Power Discs printable. I may have to resize them a bit for what I’m envisioning but it’s awesome that I don’t have to create these from scratch. They also put together this great animal information guide that I’m sure will come in handy.For the party decor, I’m aiming to create a jungle feel to our party area. Luckily, I found these leaf garlands. They are a bit pricey for the amount I need so I’ll have to do a bit more research on those. I think if I add some VISIONÄR honeycomb tissue balls from IKEA, it will fill out the area well and give the decor some dimension. I just have to figure out a good way to hang them without making holes in our ceilings.

J.D. is super against big stuffed animals. Well, he is against all stuffed animals and I am obviously a stuffed animal supporter — of any size. The thing about J.D. is that he is very supportive of me creating the party I’m envisioning for Bean with minimal work and input from him. That means I can totally get JÄTTESTOR, the giant elephant, and VATTENSNOK, the snake, from IKEA without much complaint from J.D., especially since they fit in with the theme, they fill out our space, they’re at a good price point and Bean will be very happy to have a few more toys after they serve their party purpose. I might have to do a bit more browsing to see if there are any other soft toys at IKEA that Bean would recognize from the show…

Last year I really wanted to commission an artsy birthday cake but I couldn’t stomach the price — the quote I got ended up being the same as our wedding cake! So we ended up just getting a ready-made cake and decorating it with some cupcake toppers. It ended up so cute so I think I’ll do the same thing this year… And last year Bean had a Lumberjack Party so we used little tree cupcake toppers which we can reuse this year and just add some Wild Kratts figurine and some plastic safari animals.

I also have a couple of more ideas that I got after we went to see Wild Kratts Live! show but I have to do some thinking on these so the execution is on point and I don’t waste a ton of time and material on trial-and-error during party planning crunch time.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to items I’m planning to buy for Bean’s birthday party. I’m still doing research on these items and I’ll let you know if I find them for cheaper! 

Featured Image: Image credit to Kratt Brothers Company and 9 Story Media Group. 



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