Wild Kratts Figurines 

When we went to see Wild Kratts Live! in January, they were selling figurine sets for $20 at the souvenir shop. You could either get Chris or Martin in each set. So to get both brothers, we’d have to spend $40. Also, I had seen these sets online for like $12. So I figured I could always buy them later and look at all the options.

I’m so glad we waited because while I was searching, I found the Wild Kratts 10 Pack Action Figure Set on Amazon. It has both brothers, three side characters, three villains, two animal figures with their corresponding creature power discs and it only cost $22!! 

Three of the figures, Chris, Martin and Aviva, have jointed hips and even though each figure has a small base, only one does not stand up on its own — Donita Donata. The paint on each figure is pretty well done and the figures seem pretty sturdy even though a lot of reviews said that the heads broke off easily and didn’t hold up to normal play. But, I don’t think that will be a problem with ours. 

Each character is 3″ tall and they’re gonna be perfect to use as Beans’s birthday cake decorations. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to items I purchased for Bean’s birthday party. If you want to get them too, make sure you do a bit of your own research since several stores had competitive prices and I think Amazon had it for $19.99 at one point in time but I waited and missed that lower price… D’oh! 




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