Trees, Tacos & Plane Tickets

J.D. is off again on another business trip. This time, he’s in New Orleans. Before he left, he made sure the kids and I had a great Valentine’s Day weekend.

Friday, after work, he really pushed me to go to Target and finally get all the fabric cubes I needed to get to organize my closet. We’ve been in our new house for almost six months and it’s one of the last disaster zones. Once I finish folding and hanging things this week, there’ll only be one tiny sliver of chaos in the garage that I need to tackle, but it’s the garage so it sort of looks like it’s supposed to be there…

On Saturday, we woke up super early and headed out to Angleton to the 10th Annual Fruit & Citrus Tree Sale held by the Brazoria County Master Gardeners. Belle slept through most of the drive and the tree selection but Bean loved looking at all the different fruit trees and helping J.D. taste test all the fruit and deciding what he wanted to plant at our house. We ended up getting an August Pride peach tree, an Improved Meyer lemon tree, a Changshou kumquat tree, a Mexicola Grande avocado tree and a Burgandy plum tree.

After loading up the trees, we went to AHOT Taquiera to try their Hippo breakfast tacos. One of our college friends who works with J.D. recommended it when he heard we were going to his hometown and we can now vouch that they were awesome. Once we refueled, we made a quick trip to Home Depot where I got some potting soil, planters and some flower seeds for Bean. When we got home, I got Belle down for a nap and the boys and I spend some time in the backyard playing in the dirt.

We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional way but J.D. decided that each year, he would write Belle a little poem… So, this morning after mass, we came home and J.D. had flowers and Valentine’s Day cards for us and inside my card, both babies had written me little notes and J.D. made some placeholder plane tickets for all of us because he’s taking us to Rome this summer!!! I just can’t believe it. We originally planned to spend a weekend in Rome last summer while we were in Europe with J.D. for work but it just wasn’t feasible because we really wanted to explore the city and spend some time in The Vatican. So, we settled on a repeat visit to Paris and decided that we would do Rome when we were older and Bean and Belle were in college… I can’t believe that he’s making his trip happen now!! We are so lucky.

Featured Image: Photo credit to The Graceful Gardener.


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