Target’s February 2016 Beauty Box Product Review

Last week I got my February Beauty Box from Target and I tried the nail wraps that came in the box and did a review, here. Well, I finally got around to trying the rest of the products this week.

Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner by Soapbox

Soapbox’s shampoo and conditioner left my hair super manageable and hydrated but I hated the coconut smell which was surprising because I love the taste of coconut. The smell lasted all day and was still present after I took another shower with a different shampoo and conditioner the next day. I wish my regular shampoo smell would last as long! J.D. loves the smell so he took the bottles for himself.

The good news is that Soapbox seems to make other scents so I guess I’ll have to go in and smell all the bottles…

Boost It Air-Blown Texture Mist by L’Oreal

I love L’Oreal Texture Mist! It smells super good, it doesn’t feel sticky when it’s first applied and it doesn’t get crunchy. All I did was spray it on towel-dried hair and tousled it a bit and went on with my day… I didn’t have any tangles like I usually do and I had beach-y hair with volume all day, even with me putting my hair up to chase after Bean and laying on it all day to breastfeed. The bottle retails for $4 at Target and I will totally be buying another one once I run out.

Embrace by Vera Wang

I got the Green Tea & Pear Blossom fragrance from Vera Wang’s new collection of perfumes. J.D. said the scent was super strong when I first put it on but an hour later, we couldn’t smell it at all. It was really nice while it lasted and it had floral notes with a hint of citrus, maybe orange.

BB Cushion by Laneige

So this is a weird new thing to me. I’m not a makeup person. At all. I like the idea of changing my entire face but I have no talent for it…

I thought the BB Cushion package looked like a regular foundation compact but it’s a bit different. It has three sponges full of product — light, medium and medium dark. It also comes with a little blue applicator puff.

My first impression of the BB cream was that it smelled really good, unlike most foundations, and the packaging is super cute and tiny. The light shade of the BB cream worked best for me but no matter what I did, I felt like the product magnified my pores. It also had a glossy-looking finish so face looked liked one of those wax figures at Madame Tussaud’s. I put some powder over the BB cream to set it and that helped make me look less like a greaseball but I think I’ll stick to my Sephora brand foundation and pressed powder. Just simpler for me.


Mmmmmoist. Moist… You know you shuddered a little when you read that. *snicker, snicker* Target sent me three different types of moisturizers because I guess the lotion gods disapprove of my dry and uncared for skin.

Body Crème by Mayfair Soap Foundry

The Sea Lily Jasmine Body Crème by Mayfair Soap Foundry is pretty delicious. It combines and cocoa butter and smells super refreshing — kind of like Happy by Ciniqué. It absorbed into my skin pretty well and it wasn’t sticky feeling at all. But overall, it was like a lot of other unused lotions in my collection…

Lip Repair Balm by SkinFix

I’m having a hard time distinguishing this Lip Repair Balm from plain ol’ Vasaline. It is a little bit thicker than Vasaline and less greasy. I guess it’s comparable to the Aquaphor Healing Ointment we use on Belle’s face but it’s nothing special.

Hydrating Night Crème by Derma E

Night cream is something you watch your grandma slather on her face at night. It’s thick and gross and smells like plaster… Am I the only one who has this memory?

Either way, this Hydrating Night Crème by Derma E is awesome. It smells super bright and it’s so light that you wonder if it actually works. Then, you wake up the next morning and your face is still hydrated and you do a little happy dance.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to all the products I got in Target’s February Beauty Box. I would only repurchase the L’Oreal Boost It Air-Blown Texture Mist and the Hydrating Night Crème by Derma E


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