Wild Kratts Party Invitations

J.D. reminded me last weekend that I need to hurry up and get Bean’s birthday party invitations in the mail. The problem is that I haven’t made them yet.

Bean’s invitations and his annual stats board are the parts of his birthday that takes the most trial-and-error time with the smallest payoff. It usually takes me days to get the design just right on both of them because I do it all on Microsoft Word — from 2004. I don’t know why we only use my new MacBook Air for Netflix and my old MacBook Pro for my design projects. I mean my MacBook Pro was from when I started college. In 2007. How do I even have Microsoft Office 2004?! Mind boggling.

Image Source: Kratt Brothers Company & 9 Cloud Media Group; DaFont.com

I did some research to find a “Wild Kratts” font and I was able to locate one that seemed pretty close. SF Comic Script Bold has the right shape to the letters but it’s missing the black detailing. It’s easily overlooked if you use the right colors.

After finding the font, I just threw the party info together with a Wild Kratts image and I played around with the picture formatting so I could layer everything together to make it more cohesive. When I printed a trial copy out, it looked really sharp, with the clean white background, but I was a little worried that the theme would be a little confusing for the family members who weren’t familiar with the show. So, I decided to pick a really faint animal print that sort of made the theme a little more apparent.

I couldn’t figure out how to layer the animal print with the Wild Kratts image, so I made it simple and did a two layer print job. I first printed the animal print on the white yardstick and then reloaded the paper in for the actual invitation layer. It worked out really well and I didn’t have to hassle with manipulating things digitally.

Once everything was printed, I trimmed the invitations into final size and reloaded them in the printer, for a final time, to get their destination address. Easy peasy.

I showed Bean his party invitations this morning and he took a deep breath in and said, “Thank you, Mommy! I love my party! I’m three now!” He thinks this is his whole birthday party and he’s singing Happy Birthday to himself. 

If this is how he reacts to the invitation, his actual party is going to blow his mind. 

Now, I have to tackle Bean’s stats board… I really need to learn how to use PhotoShop, or at least buy an updated Microsoft Office from this decade.  




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