Cactus Pin Cushion

Felt cactus pin cushions popped up on my Pinterest newsfeed recently because I’ve been researching different felt foods to add to Bean’s play kitchen and Pinterest assumed correctly that I love working with felt. These cactus pin cushions are so cute and I love plants that you don’t have to take care of, so I had to make this!

I decided to take some shortcuts, like using my sewing machine and zig-zag cutting the felt edges to avoid blanket stitching the pieces together, and this little beauty was finished in less than an hour. It would’ve taken less time if Bean wasn’t “supervising” the project and if I wasn’t taking step-by-step photos.

For this project, I used:

The first thing I did was sketch out my cactus leaf template. I decided what size I wanted my final cactus to be and then I added an extra ¾” to account for the sewing and the edge cutting. My cactus ended up being 4″ tall and 3″ wide. If you want to use my template, you can get it, here.

I traced my template onto my green felt and cut out three sets of the leaves. I used my sewing machine to sew each set with a ¾” seam and then I trimmed off ½” with my zig-zag scissors.

Once all three sets were done, I clipped them together and sewed a midline seam, which created six cactus leaf lobes. I filled each lobe with Poly-Fil, leaving about an inch of each lobe empty at the bottom opening.

I hand-sewed the bottom of each lobe closed and then trimmed the one inch of excess felt. Then I added a simple, two-layer flower to the top of the cactus by tacking it down with a couple stitches. I added a ball point pin to give the flower a finished look.

That’s all for the crafting part!

To finish the display, I used a flower pot I had in the garage and filled it with aquarium rocks. I tucked my cactus into the rocks and added some more ball point pins and that’s it!! A super cute way to keep stray pins.

I think I might make a couple variations and design a cute cactus pin cushion planter for my craft room.

Honestly, the original came out better because she didn’t take my shortcuts and she probably used better felt than the $0.25 sheets I got from Hobby Lobby but it’s a decent start. And I *love* that she used binder clips to hold her pieces together and I’m totally stealing that tip for a lot of other projects!

Disclaimer: I posted affiliate links to items I have in my studio. I would not suggest buying those sewing needles on Amazon because they were like $4 at JoAnn Fabric. Also, my sewing machine is a Singer 8220, which they apparently don’t make any more. The one I linked is comparable and actually a little nicer – it has more stitches than my dinosaur. 

Featured Image: Photo credit to This Child of Mine

One response to “Cactus Pin Cushion

  1. Thank you for sharing this project info instructions. I’m making it at this moment and it’s coming along beautifully. My mother moved to Arizona in retirement and is a HUGE sewer. I’m making this for Mother’s Day. She will probably cry when she sees it. Nona from Wisconsin 4/8/2018


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