Pony Bead Necklace 

Bean worked on something a bit different on Friday during his “Mommy School” time.

He needed to work on a birthday gift so we decided to take him to Hobby Lobby so he could pick out some fun beads for a necklace.

He picked out some bright, heart-shapes pony beads and then we got some lobster clasps, jump rings, crimp ends and braiding cord.

This is the first “craft” Bean has done and he enjoyed barking, “Next!”, when he was ready to choose the next bead. He also liked picking out the next color and announcing it before stringing the bead on the necklace.

To make this project even easier, I had one end of the necklace already assembled before he started, which helped him avoid stringing beads on one end and losing them on the other. I also wrapped the other end of the cord with blue painters tape to help keep it from unraveling and to make it easier for Bean to get the beads on.

The longer he worked on the necklace, the better his hand-eye coordination became. He also figured out, on his own, that he liked the beads all facing the same way and had a couple of trial-and-error moments at the beginning while he was figuring out how the beads worked.

It took him almost four hours to make the necklace, put the gift box together and decorate the box with stickers. Whew, it was involved.

He is super excited about gifting it today.


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