The Lake House

I finished the Lego Creator Lakeside Lodge this weekend and it’s even cuter than I anticipated.

I always expect the build to be larger and more involved than it actually is because I imagine some sort of epic marathon monstrosity. So, I was a little disappointed that it didn’t take longer, but I wasn’t disappointed at all with the cute details that came with this set.

The biggest surprise was that the lodge opened up with Lego hinges and inside, they designed a little bed, writing desk and stove – complete with a pan cooking a fried egg. It’s cute inside but it’s nothing compared to the exterior.

On the exterior, make note of the lily pads and frog, the fish cooking on the fire pit, the deer horn mount and the working windows and doors. There’s probably 10 more cute tiny things I could gush about but I’m going to restrain myself.

I’m not sure if I would take this set apart to try the other two builds but maybe, if I ever get tired of looking at this one – which won’t be soon.


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