Wild Kratts’ Creature Power Discs

For Bean’s birthday, I decided to make some Creature Power Discs for the Power Suit that I’ve been planning but still haven’t gotten around to making.

Oof, I’m feeling lazy…


For this project, I used:

This ended up being a pretty easy project because PBS offered the free printable for this project!

I just had to change the printer paper setting to 4×6 photo paper. I did this on a hunch for two reasons — I had a feeling that changing the paper size would yield perfectly sized discs and I wanted the discs to come out glossy and more finished looking without having to break out my laminator. And I was right! The discs I printed on the first trial were perfect! I love when the crafting gods smile down on me.

After printing all the Creature Power Discs, I cut them out, which was the most time consuming part of the project. Once they were all cut out, I ran them through my sticker maker and carefully stuck them to the metal frozen juice can lid.

We’ve been making a lot of juice from concentrate, this last month, so we could collect the metal lids for this project.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to items I purchased for my craft room. I bought the Epson Printer on sale at Target for $50 and they also offered a $10 gift card at the register. This is the only printer I’ve ever been able to successfully connect to both of my computers and my iPhone for wireless printing but I definitely wouldn’t pay Amazon’s price for it… Look around for a deal! 


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