OMG, Shoes

J.D. sent me this picture last week during his basketball league semifinals…

Which means he finally had to admit to needing new basketball shoes.

These are from high school and he found them last year while going through his moms attic and he decided that they would be a good placeholder for while he looked for his next pair.

Fast forward to a year later, after visiting the shoe store a million times and me telling him to “just buy something,” he’s finally forced to buy new ones!

I’m probably more excited than he is because Bean and J.D. finally get to have matching basketball shoes!! I’ve wanted them to have these since Bean was born but it didn’t make sense for a baby to have such special shoes when he can’t even ball yet…

Since Bean’s Target brand shoes have started getting too small, I jumped at the chance to push them into Daddy & Me shoes. We had to get a size up because it was the smallest size they had but they’ll definitely last him through the entire year.

I honestly thought their first pair would be Jordans because that’s what J.D. always had as a kid but he really loved the new Stephen Curry shoes. It’s a little sad that they’re not exact replicas of each other and the baby shoe is missing the signature tag line but oh, well.


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