Lego Friends Party Cakes

I took a quick 10 minutes before Bean and Belle were awake this morning to build the Lego Friends Party Cakes set I got on Monday night. 

It’s a small $5 set that comes with 50 pieces but there are only really 10 bricks that could be used to try and build another structure. I would consider the rest of the pieces, “accessories.” This doesn’t really bother me because I like to follow the build instructions but it would be an issue if J.D. and Bean got their hands on this set because they like to build their own creations.  

Look at the little pug puppy that comes in this set. As always, I love the little detail pieces the best and this time, I specifically like the tiny cookies, the blue milk carton and the strawberry jam jar. I also love how Lego imagined the strawberry shortcake. It’s so simple!! 


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