Animal Junction

It’s starting to look like Animal Junction in here!! Zaboomafoo, anyone?

We went to Hobby Lobby this weekend to try and grab some things for Bean’s Wild Kratts Party and we found some awesome animal figurines.


We got a pack of six, larger-sized, African Safari figures for the buffet table scape. We also got two sets of smaller animals, one collection with wild animals and one with insects, for additional decor and for cake decorations. I made J.D. check out separately from me so we could use two 40% off coupons.

Bean is pretty excited but I’m not letting him play with the toys until after his party. I had to smuggle them to their hiding place when he fell asleep today.

Sidenote: How pretentious is it to describe something as a “table scape” in reference to a three-year-old’s birthday party? Ugh… I’m gross.

Disclaimer: I added Amazon links to the sets we purchased from Hobby Lobby. It’s cheaper if you go to HobLob and bring a couple people who will each buy the sets you want with a 40% off coupon. Or, you can have no shame, go alone and make the cashier do a separate transaction for each. Balls of steel! 


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