Our Party Basics 

Whenever we have a party at the house, we have a couple basic items that helps us create a festive space and make our buffet-style parties work without too much thought or planning.

For each party, we might buy a couple decor items that fit the specific theme, if they’re at the right price and we can foresee them being used for another event or as a new toy for Bean or Belle. But, we have a basic party aesthetic and setup that makes it easy to put together the bones of any party.

It’s nice having having a basic base that we can slowly add to, as needed. And we try to stay within our basic style to keep things cohesive.

For drinks, we use two glass drink dispensers that we purchased for our wedding. I love that we can incorporate them into our other special occasions. We also have a ton of mason jars from our centerpieces that we often use for decor and storage but for parties,  we decided to buy two new dedicated sets of mason jars to be used as guest glasses.

Our food and dessert areas are easily put together with plain, white porcelain plates and glass cups and jars in various sizes and shapes.

We also mix in Pyrex bowls, KVITTERA, the tiered serving dish, and ARV BRÖLLOP, the cake stand, from IKEA. They’re really simple so it’s each to incorporate them into any theme.

Our other standard items when setting up are these wood crates. At our wedding, when we were setting up the drink dispensers, we realized that we messed up and guests couldn’t fit their cups under the spigot. So, after the fact, I stained these crates to remedy that and to to create levels in the buffet areas so it’s easy to access all the food. The raw wood crates were pretty cheap at Hobby Lobby and I stained them with Kona Wood Stain by Rustoleum and finished them with a satin finish.

I used the same stain on the tiny clothespins, that we use for hanging theme-specific bunting, which looks really awesome with some rustic twine. We also make sure we have a lot of clear Command hooks for hanging honeycomb tissue balls or fairy lights or anything, really!

And that’s it! Throw in a couple cigar boxes to hold party favors or cutlery and we have a party!

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links in this post to help on the search for some basic party pieces. I think we bought most of our plates and such from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Don’t forget their coupons!


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