Super Tuesday

We took Bean and Belle to the high school this evening after J.D. got home from work to vote.

While we were in line, Bean kept pointing out a “scary man” behind us who had “angry eyebrows.” Ooph, it was embarrassing and we tried really hard to divert his attention. He got distracted by a water tower that he thought looked like a giant octopus. 

Once we got into our voting booths, Belle and I quietly made our selections. J.D. and Bean were directed to another set of booths but while they were in their booth, I could hear Bean talking all sorts of nonsense. He wasn’t loud, it was just super quiet in the gym and he was the only one talking.  

Afterwards, we went to check out the new Costco and have some cheap pizza and hot dogs and buy bulk amounts of jelly beans and salad dressing. 


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