Bean The Builder

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment and I took Bean and Belle to the Lego Store afterwards.


They were having a Lego Duplo Building Time so we went and Bean played for a little bit and discovered that he loved building mini-figures. I was going to get him some “build-your-own” ones but they’re so expensive and it was a little too involved for me to juggle while I had both babies, solo.

Since I have to be a little distracted this week, because I’m getting ready for Bean’s birthday party, I decided to get him some new sets. We ended up getting the My First Truck set and the Spiderman Web-Bike Workshop.

It was double VIP points day at the store and they were also giving away a four piece Duplo duck with every purchase. Since we got two sets and I brought in two kids, we got two ducks. It was sweet of them to offer one to Belle even though she obviously can’t play yet.


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