Wild Kratts’ Zach Bots

One of the villains from the Wild Kratts show is Zach Varmitech, who is an inventor that has an army of Zach Bots that do all his dirty work.

Image Source: Wild Kratts, Season 1 Episode 14: Tazzy Chris

We saw a version of these Zach Bots when we saw Wild Kratts Live!, and I decided Bean needed some for his party.

For this project, I used:

  • Black Mini Swing Top Trash Can
  • Adhesive Vinyl in Black, Red, Gray, Light Gray
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissors

I went to Hobby Lobby to get the adhesive vinyl I needed for this project but they had zero selection of basic colors. So, I checked out Joanns and Michaels and none of the stores had all the colors I needed and each roll seemed pretty expensive considering the amount I actually needed for this project…

So, I did some research and bought all the vinyl I needed for $1.50 per sheet from Puakai on Etsy. Each vinyl sheet is 12×24 and has a matte finish. The vinyl is adhesive but its very forgiving because it’s repositionable. Tiffani from Puakai is hooking up The Bean & The Belle readers with a special vinyl discount and is offering 15 sheets for $1.25 each! Yay!! Find the listing here.

We also lucked out and found these little swing top trash cans at the Dollar Store and they are the perfect size and shape for Zach Bots.

I used the cartoon version as a general guideline but I altered the design as needed since the Zack Bots in the live show was not exactly the same as their cartoon counterparts.

I tried making ombré stripes for the Zach Bots’ bodies but since the trash can is curved, they didn’t lay straight and looked strange. So, I decided to work on the parts I knew would make it obvious that these trash cans were really robots — the face and the claw arms. I did some sketching on the backside of the adhesive vinyl and after some trial-and-error, I came up with this guy!! I saved y’all some work and made up a PDF of the designs I ended up using if you want to make your own army.

I made a couple Zach Bots so I could make a few to terrorize Bean’s birthday. I hope he likes them!

Disclaimer: This post contains an Etsy affiliate link for the adhesive vinyl used for this project. 

Featured Image: Image credit to Kratt Brothers Company and 9 Story Media Group. 


4 responses to “Wild Kratts’ Zach Bots

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  3. This is amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! My 3-year-old is begging for a Wild Kratt’s party and I was having a hard time finding ideas for games and a pinata that was age-appropriate. Thank you for sharing! You’ve saved me SO MUCH work!

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