PVC Stand-Alone Gate

Sugar Lump loves scratching up carpet. We’ve tried carpeted cat towers to try to change her focus. We’ve capped her nails with Soft Paws. We’ve tried regularly clipping her nails. Nothing has helped and I refuse to have her declawed. So when we moved into our new house, we knew we had to keep her downstairs on the hardwood and away from the carpeted upstairs. The problem is that I’ve been super phobic about putting nails in the walls and ruining our new walls.

I’ve been brainstorming for six months and all the while fumbling around with a jerry-rigged gate built with leftover wire cube panels. It falls down a lot and Sugar Lump can actually use her nose to push it around to leg herself upstairs.

Our requirements? We want the gate to be stand alone. We wanted it to be sturdy but easy to move with one hand. We didn’t want to spend a lot of extra money. We wanted the build to be easy. We wanted it to look decent.

Solution? PVC PIPES!!

For this project, I used…

Just a note for figuring out the length of PVC pipes to cut… I needed the length between the connectors to fit snugly with the wire cube panels. I thought too much about the measuring and added length to each end of the pipe to compensate for the parts of the pipe that would be inside the connectors… I ended up with a frame that was 3 inches too long. Luckily, I just had to cut all the pipes down and I didn’t have to go out and buy new PVC. Anyway, cut exactly the length you want for the final product. Don’t compensate for anything.


I used a ratcheting PVC cutter to cut four 14 inch sections and six 42 inch sections. I had to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to use the cutter. Once everything was cut out, I connected them all together to create the frame.

Then I used 4″ zip ties to attach the wire cube panels to each other and I used the 8″ zip ties to attach the wire panels to the PVC frame.


The awesome thing is that the width of the gate works to block the stairs and also works for Sugar Lump’s little nook so we can “crate” her when we need.

I love that the gate is light enough for Bean to push it open and closed but strong enough so Sugar Lump can’t nose her way in upstairs. I also love that I don’t have to struggle with an unstable gate a million time a day.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to items I used for this project. We bought most of the materials from Home Depot but the specialized three-way elbowconnector had to be ordered online because it’s not a shape that’s needed for plumbing. 

5 responses to “PVC Stand-Alone Gate

  1. We are trying to find a way to keep a cat from going down a staircase. This would work but is the cat able to climb this?


  2. Our cat was not able to climb it! I don’t think she even thought to try because it’s so tall and visually, there’s not much possibility, in her eyes. But she’s also not very adventurous.


  3. Thank you for posting this! This is what I exactly need for keeping my cat out of the stairs on the weekends. He’s my alarm clock during weekdays but need my sleep on my days off 🙂 Quick question, did you strap this to a post or will the gate be sturdy enough for him not to move it? Thanks!


    • Hey! Glad it was useful! We didn’t strap it to anything and it stood up by itself. Our cat doesn’t try to move it any more. When it first went up, she’s try to nose it out of the way but quickly gave up.


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