Bean’s Wild Kratts Party

Bean is three years old today and we had a wonderful party yesterday with friends and family to celebrate our silly guy.

The Decor

I finally finished the birthday banner I was working on and when Bean say it, he kept screaming, “It’s for me?!” He’s so sweet.

J.D. helped me decorate our entryway with jungle vines and I added the paper masks, I made with HappyThought’s printable templates, to create a photobooth area for guests as they arrived. I also left out a chalkboard and some chalk for guests to leave Bean a birthday message.


The Food

After learning my lesson on Bean’s first birthday, when I stayed up all night baking and decorating cookies, I started simplifying and doing easy prep food for our parties. Last year I still woke up super early to decorate pancake cookies for Bean’s Lumberjack Party but this year, we went full store-bought food and it was awesome.


We were going to assemble the sandwiches for the snake sub but then saw that Walmart had sub trays available for pre-order so we decided to do that instead. All I had to do was arrange the precut sections and add olive eyes and a bell pepper tongue.

J.D. put together some beans and weenies in the crockpot so people had something warm to eat and then we laid out the classic party food — chips, veggies, dip, cheese and crackers.

We picked up Bean’s pre-made cake from Sam’s and I decorated it at home with the pine tree cupcake picks from his lumberjack cake, some animal toys and the Wild Kratts figurines I found on Amazon.

Since Bean is a Pi Day baby, we continued our tradition of buying pies from House of Pies in Houston and then accompanied them with some animal themed sweets.

The Games

Once everyone was fed, I had three games planned for the kids.


The first game was a “creature rescue” game. I emptied Beans toy box and filled it with ball pit balls. I added little plastic animals that needed to be rescued. To make sure each kid would have an equal chance to play, they each for a number and could only rescue the animals that had their matching number.

J.D. said, in hindsight, that we could’ve just told each kid to “rescue two animals” but I think this worked well because even after kids found their own animals, they kept looking and helping each other in hopes of finding a third or fourth animal for themselves.

The creature rescue was a good little ice breaker game that made it easier for all the kids to interact.


The second game was to feed Zaboomafoo, the ring-tailed lemur. I know Zaboo is technically from a different Kratt Brothers show but Bean loves Zaboo so much I figured I could fudge it a little.

Each kid was given a turn to try and throw plastic bugs into the bucket next to Zaboo. Since we had a variety of ages, older kids stood farther and littler kids stood closer.

Some kids were a little shy but after the first game and watching the other children throw the bugs, everyone had a turn.

The last game was a modified piñata game. Bean has never had a real piñata at his birthday parties and it felt a bit weird having one at this party since we’d have to “beat an animal” to get the prizes inside…

So, we had a Zach Bot attack. I filled the Zach Bot that I made with a bag of candy and then put it on top of our Roomba. We gave each kid an empty goody bag and some tennis balls and had them “destroy the Zach Bots.”

It was super fun and the kids really got into it. They liked that the Zach Bot seemed to chase them around and moved like a real robot.

All in all, it was a successful party. We loved having the family over to visit and Bean loved getting wild with his friends. What more can you ask for when you have a happy birthday boy?

The bonus is that we had so much fun that both Bean and Belle slept in this morning and are currently in the middle of an extra long nap.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for all the items I used for Bean’s party! 

Ellen from HappyThought was gracious enough to offer a 50% off code for The Bean & The Belle readers. Just hop on over to her Etsy shop and check out her awesome animal mask templates and use the code BEANBELLE on your purchase! Happy crafting! 


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