Target Beauty Box — March 2016

This month, the Target Beauty Box cost $5 and they said it contains more than $17 worth of travel sized products perfect for Spring Break adventures.

The products included in this month’s box are:

  • Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner by Hair Food
  • Texturing Sea Salt Spray by Not Your Mother’s
  • Nail Color by Sinful Colors
  • Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige
  • SPF 30 Sunscreen by Banana Boat
  • Deep Hydration Facial Mask Treatment by nügg
  • Grapefruit Body Lotion by You Are Amazing
  • Adore Forever Body Wash by Caress

Deep Hydration Facial Mask Treatment by nügg

The first product I tried this morning was the Hydrating Facial Mask by nügg. I slathered it on my face, waited 10 minutes and then jumped in the shower to wash it off. Big mistake. The mask was super pepperminty and washing it off in the hot shower melted my face off. My face was super smooth and hydrated feeling for about 30 minutes and then my felt super dry like it was trying to recover from peppermint overload and shed the top layer of skin. I really wish this face mask worked because if anyone needs to “revitalize and plump dull, tired skin,” it’s me.

Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner by Hair Food

While I was in the shower writhing from the face mask pain, I tried the Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner by Hair Food. It had a familiar scent that I couldn’t place… They advertised that it’s infused with honey and apricot but it just smelled really flat to me and my hair didn’t feel extra moisturized after using the product.

Adore Forever Body Wash by Caress

I finished my shower with the Adore Forever Caress Body Wash. It’s really similar to the other body washes from this brand except the fragrance was super strong because of the scent pearls. I’ll finish the bottle but I doubt we would ever buy that scent again. It’s just a bit overpowering.

All in all, the first three products I tried were a bit disappointing but I did get a shower today, so I call that a win.

The amazing thing is that the babies stayed asleep during my shower and I also had time to try two other products.

Texturing Sea Salt Spray by Not Your Mother’s

I had a hard time getting the nozzle on the Texturing Sea Salt Spray to work and had to fiddle around with it for a while… I did get the pump to work eventually, but I don’t really think the product really worked on my hair… The bottle said that it would leave my hair with a “matte finish” like I had just been at the beach and the info card that Target included said it would give my hair “shine for tousled beach waves.” I’m not sure which one is true because the spray did neither. It did leave my bathroom floor both sticky and slippery and I had to wipe everything down after using it. The L’Oreal Boost It Air Blown Texture Mist in February’s Beauty Box was way better.

Grapefruit Body Lotion by You Are Amazing

I liked the Juicy Grapefruit Body Lotion a lot. The grapefruit scent was really bright and cheery and it definitely worked as a daily moisturizer. It also didn’t leave a greasy residue. I’m popping this little tube into my bag for on-the-go moisturizing.

The last three items I haven’t tried yet…

SPF 30 Sunscreen by Banana Boat

I know for sure the Banana Boat SunComfort sunscreen will come in handy when I have the kid in the sun because you know I’m going to forget to apply sunscreen to them before we go out.

Nail Color by Sinful Colors

The Sinful Color Nail Polish is sort of an “eh” color so I’m not super enthused about trying it. I’m a little disappointed because I ordered two boxes this month, one for me and one for my sister, hoping to get at least one good color and of course, both boxes came with the same color. Boo. I guess next time I have time to fool around with nail polish, I’ll do a little swatch to check it out but I’m pretty sure the bottle is  goning to get passed along to someone.

Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige

The last item is the Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige. You’re supposed to apply it to clean skin and then leave it on over night. I’ll have to find some time after Bean and Belle go to sleep to try it out. 

March’s Beauty Box wasn’t awesome but it was only $5 and I got a long shower today and I’ve got sunscreen covered for this summer so it’s cool. I also hoping that  the Slewpinf Mask is going to be unexpectedly awesome.

Disclaimer: I added Amazon affiliate links to all the products that was in March’s Beauty Box. I wouldn’t actually purchase refills of any of these items but maybe the reviews on Amazon will give a different perspective. A lot of these products were just not really for me. Maybe I’m just too much of a basic B.


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