Strawberry Harvest

Bean and Belle picked some strawberries at Froberg’s Farm in Alvin, Texas.  

Bean has been super into strawberries this last month so this was right up his alley even though he had to get up pretty early to pick up my mom and meet Jen and Aaron for the harvest. 

We bought two reusable Froberg’s bucket for $1 each and decide Bean was big enough to be in charge of his own bucket. 

We picked for an hour and ended up with about 3 lbs of strawberries. It was pretty fun and not expensive at all. It cost $2.35/lb and they said the buckets holds an average of 5 lbs each. 

This is definitely something we have to do again. The season starts in January and lasts until May so we have to try and make it out there at least one more time. Maybe I should look up some strawberry preserve recipes before we go out there again so we can pick a bit more. 


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