Sprinkles Cupcake Mini Shop

I know I’m an adult and I shouldn’t be disappointed in things like this but I’m so sad about how my mini Sprinkles Cupcake Shop turned out.

J.D. took us to Sprinkles last week and while Bean was distracted by his impending sugary treat, I snuck and bought myself the miWorld Sprinkles Cupcake Starter Set and extension packs.

Tonight, I stayed up late to put it all together after I put both babies to bed and the shop is so sad and wobbly.

The walls are decorated with decals and both decals have an air bubble underneath it that I can’t get out. The floor is a thin piece of cardstock that’s not measured to fit the support piece and it’s a little warped so I had to use painters tape to get it to lay flat.

The table is lopsided and the chair legs keep popping off. The shelf that displays the shirts fits the counter so shallowly that it’s basically precariously perched in the slot and the see-through counter doesn’t stay on at all.

None of the cupcakes have the classic Sprinkles cupcake topper dots. I think there was supposed to be a sticker accent sheet that makes all the items Sprinkes branded but alas, the sticker sheet is missing in my big package.

The smaller extension packs both have sticker accent sheets but the one on the left has a piece of tape on the top of the sticker sheet which means when I attempt to take the tape off, all the tiny stickers are going to be stuck to it, rendering them useless. The stickers in the package on the right is bended and several of them are no longer sticky. Wonderful… I guess all my miniatures will be unbranded. That’s cool… Ugh.

I know I shouldn’t have expected this set to be amazing like our Lego sets but I did expect it to all fit together with usable pieces. I do sort of wish I saved the money and spent it on a bunch of assorted Lego bricks so I could just construct my own cupcake shop.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for this dumb mini set. Don’t buy them. 


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