Spoon Pets! 

This past Saturday, I woke up to an urgent text at 8:00 am by Jen. Apparently the makers of Neko Atsume have come out with a new game called Spoon Pets!

It’s currently only available in Japanese and for iOS devices. 

Image Source: Spoon Pets! game play

Yes… This is totally urgent information. 

The game is very similar to Neko Atsume but instead of collecting kitty cats, you’re collecting hamsters, baby chickens and other furry babies.

Image Source: Spoon Pets! game play

The game hasn’t yet been translated yet but the menu options are super similar to Neko Atsume except the “return to garden” button is in the top right hand corner of the screen instead of the middle of the menu. 

Also, there is a little rectangular button at the bottom of the menu grid that leads you to some mini games. 

Image Source: Spoon Pets! game play

It’s also important to note that in Spoon Pets!, you are able to dress up the little pets. I wish this was something you could do in Neko Atsume. 

I don’t think the pets are as cute as the kittens in Neko Atsume but I like the mini games and it’s pretty darn cute when you scoop up a baby with a spoon and plop them in a tiny cup. 

Featured Image: Image credit to real Spoon Pets! game play. 


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