Yardwork – Part One

When we built our house, one thing we cheaped out on was getting the builders to put in a back lawn. After letting it sit bare for the winter, we finally got around to working on it.

We spent the entire weekend doing yardwork — which I am not used to at all. It was a little tricky coordinating the babies schedules but Belle helped a lot by alternating between lounging happily outside with us and taking long naps.

Yesterday, after finishing up our income taxes, I called 811 to have them come out to mark our dig sites and I had the electricity and cable company come out to bury some wires that they had left exposed. 

Bean and I are spending the rest of the week picking up rocks and clearing some of the cement chips that the builders left in the yard. 

I can’t wait to put the grass in and plant our fruit trees. Once that’s all done, I’m rewarding myself with patio furniture from IKEA and maybe a couple of pink flamingoes. 

Gah… After looking at the before and after pictures, I’m realizing we have a long road ahead of us. 

Featured Image: Image credit to KIWI Magazine Online.


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