The Easter Puppy

We took Bean and Belle to see the Easter Bunny last night after J.D. got home from work.

After three years and several visits, Bean is no longer fearful of the Easter Bunny! He didn’t cry or scream and instead asked to hug the bunny, although he insisted the bunny at the mall was an Easter Puppy because his ears hung down. Belle did a great job. She was a little apprehensive but put on a brave face so we could get a sweet photo for her first Easter.

We continued the tradition of doing two photo sessions — a “free” session at Bass Pro Shops and then a paid session at the mall. We started doing two sessions the year Bean was born because we wanted to give him a chance to not be afraid of the Easter Bunny… We do the same thing with Santa during the Christmas Season. 

It’s so nice that Bass Pro Shops offers a free printed photo just for coming in and visiting but I always go online afterwards to purchase the digital download. This year they changed their online offerings. Usually the digital download is $10 but this year they don’t offer the digital download by itself. For an extra $8, which is basically the shipping fee, you get a 5×7 print and some wallet prints. 

They actually offer a pretty good coupon on their website that I wish I had seen before we went last night but that’s what I get for not planning… 

Featured Image: Image credit to Weight Loss Resources, which incidentally has a pretty depressing collection of nutrition facts for Easter treats. 


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