Creature Power Disc Holder

A few weeks ago, Bean had his Wild Kratts birthday party and our friends and family came out to celebrate his third birthday. He loved the whole thing but I had some unfinished projects that I just couldn’t get done before party deadline.

One of project was the holder that I wanted to accompany the Creature Power Discs I made for Bean.

For this project, I used:

When we went to the store over the weekend, we bought two small cans of Pringles and the moment we got home, I took out the chips and quickly washed out the cans. You have to wash them pretty quickly because they’re made out of cardboard so anything thing longer than a quick rinse will degrade can.

I used the adhesive vinyl I had left over from my Zach Bots project and first put down a layer of black vinyl that covered the whole can. Then I cut two thin strips of gray vinyl to put at the top and bottom of the can to help hide the seams.

I cut out some extra Creature Power Discs I had left over and ran the circles through my sticker maker. I decided to choose a random green power disc (for Chris Kratt) and a blue power disc (for Martin Kratt).

And that’s it!! The Pringles cans are a perfect match for wrangling the concentrated juice lids I used as the base for the Power Discs.

Once Bean wears these out, I’ll probably make some replacements with a more gadget-y feel.

Disclaimer: I included some affiliate links to my sticker maker and my go-to scissors. If you don’t have a sticker maker, you really need one! 


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