Buttons, Bean & Being A Better Friend

I am notorious for jumping from one project to another. I don’t finish a lot of things and even if I do, I usually feel a bit dejected since my craft projects don’t really have a purpose — I don’t really think they serve or help anyone other than myself and they’ll eventually just take up space. 

I got my button maker last week and while I was super excited to finally make any button I could dream of, I felt sort of weird because I will never need 1000 buttons and I was a little at a loss of what to make first. 

I was browsing Instagram and found this maker, Bald Jeremy. He makes scroll saw art and has an awesome logo that I thought would look perfect on a button. So, I did something I usually don’t do — reach out to people. 

Surprisingly, Bald Jeremy* said he had actually been looking for someone last week to make buttons for him and couldn’t find anyone. He graciously sent me a few images to work with, even though I wasn’t sure I would be able to make anything that he’d even want. But, they turned out pretty well and it was a quick and easy project once I got everything assembled correctly — which was a challenge because my machine came with no instructions at all and Bean really wanted to help me figure it out.

While I was working on my first set of buttons, which Bean helped assemble in the machine, I started making a mental list of friends who could use their own set of buttons to help advertise and fundraise for their passion projects. 

So while J.D. was covering the Rockets v. Bulls last night, I put the babies to bed and started designing my next batch. I’m sure I’ll eventually get around to making dumb buttons for myself but for now, I actually love using my new machine to make up for being a shitty friend and missing show tapings, fundraising parties and memorial benefits. 

** You know when people take pictures of you and you’re not really sure what to do with your hands? Well that’s how I feel about my name dilemma with Bald Jeremy — Do I continue to refer to him by his Instagram handle or be presumptuous and call him by his first name, as if I know him in real life? Things to ponder… 


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