Target Beauty Box — April 2016

I don’t think I’m going to order the Target Beauty Box this month… I looked into the contents this morning and I’m not super excited about any of the products.

The products in this month’s box are:

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The previous two boxes from Target I received had products from Laneige and I’m just not super excited about the company. Their BB Cushion Cream from February’s box didn’t work well for me, which could’ve been user error, but their water mask from March’s box wasn’t great either. I just can’t imagine falling in love with their gel mask.

I don’t need any more body lotions, no matter how good they smell and I haven’t even used last month’s sunscreen yet. I’m not in the market for new foundation, especially a tiny magazine insert sized sample and I don’t want to be disappointed again by a random grab bag cosmetic color. I’m still sad about my ugly nail polish color from last month’s box — and super annoyed that both my box and the extra box I ordered for Jen had the same color.

I’ve used Simple’s Cleansing Facial Wipes but I’m not particular loyal to the brand. In fact, I sort of prefer snagging a little pouch of scented, chemical-laden facial wipes from Forever 21. Also, if you zoom in on the picture, the pack in the Beauty Box only has 7 wipes…

I was curious about the CeraVe Healing Ointment but after seeing that it’s for “dry, cracked and chaffed skin” and that it’s a skin protectant, I knew I wouldn’t use it. Also, several reviews on Amazon said that the product was greasy and didn’t work as well as Aquaphor, which I have loads of because of Belle’s sensitive baby skin.

I am interested in the Pantene AirSpray Hairspray so I think I’ll check out the hairspray the next time I’m in the store, which will probably be any day this week.

I’m a bit disappointed that the boxes from the last two months hasn’t been as well curated as my first box. There’s not much diversity in their offerings. Maybe I’m getting bored with them…

The Beauty Box is $7 this month and is said to contain $26 worth of items. If I didn’t have any mail coming my way, I might be tempted to buy the box just to have something to open… But probably not.

Disclaimer: I’m including affiliate links to the items offered in the Target Beauty Box for April. I might buy one thing from the list but I felt bad giving a “review” on items that just don’t interest me. Check out the Amazon reviews for a wider scope of opinions. If there’s something on the list that I’m wrong about and you think I have to try, let me know!!

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