Cubicle Creature Comforts

This past weekend, J.D. brought us to the Container Store to look for some possible storage solutions for our upcoming road trip. We are trying to travel efficiently and I really want to avoid having to unload everything at every hotel along the way. Essentially, I want to live out of the car for a week and only bring in the necessities at each stop. I also really want to keep the car organized during the drive because nothing drives me crazier than being trapped in a cluttered car…

We didn’t really find anything that suited our needs but we did find these mini pocket-sized salt and pepper shakers and sugar and tea packet holder in the same aisle endcap and my dumb brain thought, “Do you know what J.D. needs at work? A whole bunch of seasonings.” And of course, J.D. totally agreed because we are both super big fans of creature comforts.

So, I grabbed my label maker and whipped up this seasoning kit. There’s a sweet section and a savory section and I threw in some Sweet ‘N Low packets because J.D.’s sweet tea is never sweet enough.

Ridiculous? Yes, absolutely. Useful? Probably not, since J.D. usually has fancy business lunches with sources who would probably think pocket seasonings are uncouth… But he said the guys gathered around his desk and made their coffees “fancy” with some cinnamon and cocoa today, so it’s a win.


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