A Lesson In Hydrangeas

Last Saturday we bought two potted hydrangeas for our back porch. When we got them home, I immediately plopped both of them in a large planter. Together. In one planter. 


My mom came over on Sunday and saw the hydrangeas and gently suggested that each hydrangeas should probably be in separate planters. She thought they looked a bit squished and said if they had room to grow, they would be more likely to flourish. I was sort of already questioning the aesthetics of the one planter situation so I decided that the first chance I had, I would replant each hydrangea in their own planter. 

Today I took Bean to the backyard while Belle was sleeping so I could fix my mistake and I was faced with the saddest, most wilt-y hydrangeas I’ve ever seen. Usually when J.D. buys me stems of cut hydrangeas, I could keep them “alive” in a vase of water for a month with no problem. Living things are so hard to take care of… Good thing I don’t have kids — wait, I do… Those poor babies.

Lesson 1: Hydrangeas need water

After I initially watered the hydrangeas when we got them home on Saturday, I never watered them again. When I checked the soil in the planter today, the deeper layers were still moist so I don’t really think there’s a whole lot of damage done in the dehydration area of things but for future reference, hydrangeas need water. 

Lesson 2: Hydrangeas need space

After getting a shock that my neglected and, honestly, forgotten about hydrangeas weren’t self-sufficient, I did a bit of googling and found that my mom was right — putting two pots of hydrangeas into one, slightly larger planter isn’t a good idea. I should have known this since hydrangeas are bushes and you can’t squish two bushes in one container. They’re supposed to be at least 4 feet away from each other which means they have to be resituated in their own planters. 

Lesson 3: Hydrangeas like morning sun and afternoon shade

Since the soil in the planter was still damp when I checked it this morning, I’m pretty sure that it’s the sun that made my flowers wilt so badly. Apparently when he tag says “medium sun,” it means “don’t put this where it will get direct, scalding sunlight for the entire day.” 

Lesson 4: Trasplant hydrangeas when they are not in bloom


Argh! I’m gonna kill these very quickly…

Bean helped me replant and reposition the hydrangeas in separate and semi-shaded containers and then we watered them. When I went back and checked on them later in the day, they both regained their perkiness so I’m hoping I can turn this initial flub around. 

I bookmarked hydrangeashydrangeas.com and will be setting alarms on my phone so I make sure I go out and check on them them on a regular basis. 

These poor flowers had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to come home with me. They never stood a chance. 


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