Packing Road Trip Outfits

Our first real family road trip is coming up and I finally started packing. 

Since we are making several stops, my main packing goal is to not have to unload and reload everything we brought at each hotel. So, the goal is to pack the car with everything we need but only bring in one bag of essentials each night. 

The first step is to pack the kids clothes. I browsed Pinterest and a lot of moms, especially the ones that plan super elaborate Disney trips, suggested bagging each kids outfits individually so they have everything they need in one place. So, I followed instructions and picked out pajamas and full outfits, minus shoes, and packed each set into a gallon-sized ziplock bag.

After bagging up all their daily outfits and a couple emergency outfits, I put Bean and Belle’s baggies into separate reusable totes.

Once we get a hotel for the night, I’ll just grab my “essentials” bag, pick a baggy of clothes for each kid and that’s it! 

The plan is that when we pack up to leave each morning, I’ll dump the laundry from the previous day into a designated basket in the back and pick out new baggies for the next stop, continuing the cycle. 

Now I just have to do the same for J.D. and my clothes and we are all set… I mean I still have to pack toiletries, snacks and entertainment junk for the kids but the main part of packing is done. 


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