Road Trip Car Prep

This morning I woke up to the guys from Carsmatic Auto Spa detailing the car for our road trip. I stayed up late last night to unassemble and clean the babies’ car seats and empty the car so the my could get it spic and span and they did not disappoint. I love that they came to me and did a full service and left the car completely ready for me to reassemble and pack it up.

After letting the carpets dry and putting down our third row seats, the first thing I did was replace the fabric trunk liner I made from an old IKEA futon cover. This is one of the projects that I did a couple of years ago when we first bought the car that J.D. thought was a bit excessive. But, after having the babies and having a couple of accidents and then transporting all sorts of stuff, he’s glad that we have that in place. I threw it in the wash a few nights ago because it needed to be cleaned after hauling dirt and stuff for the backyard.

As I started picking up trip supplies, I also grabbed a couple of things to help organize the car and make sure everything was easy to access during the drive and when we made stops.

Stackable Bins

I found two stackable bins at Walmart for $4 each and loaded them in the trunk for our shoes (in the bottom) and Bean and Belle’s comfort items and toys (in the top). Since I still sit in the back with the babies, I made sure to put the bins up against the back of my seat so I could easily reach back for anything that needed.

Diono Super Mats 

Before putting their car seats in, I put down two Diono Super Mats to protect the leather seats in our car. I should’ve gotten these years ago. They have a foamy base that helps prevent marks from the base of the kids’ car seats and each mat has three pockets that help wrangle sunglasses, hats, socks, pacifiers or whatever the kids need.

Cell Phone Car Chargers

I picked up some extra phone chargers for the car so J.D. and I each had one to use and we didn’t have to take turns or plug it into the car’s USB port and interrupt Bean’s DVD player.

Twist & Store Snack Containers 

To try and keep the snacks in Bean’s belly and of the floorboards, I got him a pack of containers that would be easy for him to hold and easy for me to close and put away.

Zippered Pouches

I am a zippered pouch fanatic. They are one of my favorite things and whenever I’m packing up, I definitely put pouches in bags in suitcases. It just makes everything easier for me to organize.

3M Command Hooks

Normally, we keep a small trash can in the car for random garbage that we inevitably make but since space is a valuable commodity on road trips, I didn’t want to devote that floor space to a trash can that would likely fill up pretty quickly.

So grabbed some 3M Command Hooks that I bought when we moved into the new house and realized that this was our solution to the trash problem. I added two hooks to the car — one in the front and one in the back. Just grab a few recycled grocery sacks and problem solved.

The only issue I had was getting the hooks to stick after the car detailing guys oiled and conditioned all the surfaces in the car. Just make sure the surface is free of any oils and completely dry before applying the hooks.

I am really hoping that some of these little extras will help me manage the kids during our time in the car. I hope my tendency to fall asleep in the car regardless of the length of the trip has rubbed off on the babies.

Now to pack up the car with our gear…

Disclaimer: I have included affiliate links for items mentioned in this post. All are available on but I just grabbed most of these items during a Walmart grocery run and bought the generic brands and the zippered pouch is one I’ve been hoarding from Forever21… I think it’s from this past summer. 

Features Image: Photo credit to The Odyssey Online


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