Printing Practice with Grits Graphing

After more than a week of exploring America’s southern states, Bean and I had to work on getting back into our normal daily routine.

I decided to help him get back in the Mommy School routine by setting up an new activity for him — Grits Graphing.

I had everything I needed for this activity so it was really quick to set everything up.


I’ve been having a hard time getting Bean to identify numbers and this tactile activity has encouraged him to recognize numbers and the amounts that is associated with each one. It works out well because these flashcards, from the Target Dollar Spot, has a number on the front and then a picture that corresponds on the back. 

So my method of teaching Bean to recognize and write numbers is to first show him the card and state the number written on it. Then, we count the back of the card together. Sometimes Bean will talk about the picture or show me the number with his fingers but we always finish the card portion of the learning with counting the picture again and then looking at the number on the front. This takes less than a minute — or else he will lose interest.

Then we move on to the tactile part of the learning by me showing him how to form the number. I first show him how I do it and I make sure I narrate the movements I’m making. Then I take his finger and guide it to write the number and then after that, he tries to form the number by himself. He isn’t always successful but we always look at what he’s drawn and we compare it to the card. Each time he tries to draw it, it gets better. 

Once I sense that he’s getting tired of drawing a number, I move on to the next number and start over with the flashcard. 

On the first day, I started with 1, 2 and 3. When we got through with each number, we reviewed a couple of times and then let him have free draw time with the grits. 

The next day, I added two more numbers. 

Bean loves this activity and he really cooperates with me because he realizes that a short lesson will be followed by a free draw and mess making opportunity. 

His hand-eye coordination is improving, he’s recognizing and writing numbers and he’s happy. I count that as a win. 


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