Things That Aren’t Good Enough

Right after a Bean was born I found some fabric I loved and started planning a new quilt for him. I spent a lot of time planning out the pattern and finding coordinating colors. During his naps, I worked on cutting squares and sewing them together. 

Once I got the quilt top done, I stepped back and realized it was super ugly and I didn’t want to finish it. I didn’t like the pattern I chose, the cute fabric I found got lost in the design, the squares didn’t line up because I rushed through the piecing and my machine pulled at it funny so the back of it was a mess. It just wasn’t good enough for my tiny baby. 

So, I folded the top up and hid it away in a drawer and moved on. 

Last night while J.D. was playing in his basketball league, Bean was “helping” me in my office and found the quilt top. He immediately knew it was meant for him and asked me to “fix it.”


What do you do when your toddler asks you to finish a “not good enough” project because he likes it? You finish it, despite how ugly you think it is. 

But at the same time, you figure out as many shortcuts as possible.  

Out came the basting spray, which is now my go-to basting method, and my sewing machine. My machine was acting up and I didn’t want to struggle with too much bulk in my machine so I decided to keep it simple and hand sew the quilting lines. 

I also pulled out some painters tape to help mark my quilting guidelines because after trying to draw them with a marking pencil, they came out super wonky because of the poor piecing job. 

So I’m spending the rest of the week and the weekend finishing up this quilt for Bean and hopefully as it gets closer to done, I’ll start to love it as much as he does. 


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