Mother’s Day Gift Giving Guide 

Few weeks ago, I started seeing Facebook posts, billboards and commercials for Mother’s Day gifts and decided to start doing dramatic readings of them for J.D. Most of the time he’d ask, “Do you really want that?” and I’d reply, “Heck dang no, I just wanted to remind you to get me my card.” I’m not completely sure that he believed me and I’m a little worried J.D. is going to feel obligated to get me one of the ridiculous things I read out loud and I’ll be stuck with a cupcake bouquet something dumb.

So I decided to write up a “Mother’s Day Gift Giving Guide” but as I started compiling things I would actually want, I realized that most people probably wouldn’t have the same items on their list…

So, if I’m your only source of Mother’s Day gift ideas, be prepared that the mother in your life may not be super pleased. Try this list of gift ideas from RedBook. But seriously, I think my list is better.

“Classic” Mom Gifts 

Image Source:; Bath & Body Works; Edible Arrangements; Helzberg

Greeting Card with a Special Message / Flowers / Kit Kat Bars / Bath & Bodyworks Candle / Edible Arrangement Fruit Bouquet / Birthstone Stackable Rings / Shark Vacuum with Lift-Away Canister / Vat of Zuppa Toscana Soup from Olive Garden / Anything Bean makes or chooses by himself…

“Funko Pop Vinyl Collector” Mom Gifts

Image Source:

Harry PotterHermione GrangerRon WeasleyDobby / Lord Voldemort / Rubeus Hagrid / Servus Snape / Draco Malfoy / Sirius Black / Albus Dumbledore / Luna Lovegood / Neville LongbottomFlashdance Tina BelcherBeefsquatchTeddyBernie Sanders

“Home Decorator” Mom Gifts 

Image Source:;

Picture Hanging Tool / Picture Hanging Supplies / Picture Frames / HEMNES Mirror / KALLAX Shelving Unit / BUNSÖ Outdoor Children’s Chair / PS VÅGÖ Outdoor Chair / LACK Side Table / BILLY Bookcase

“Crafty” Mom Gifts 

Image Source:; Home Depot

Acrylic Paints / Paint Brushes / The Bob’s Burgers Adult Coloring Book / Solar Light / 4×4 Fence Post / Comic Book Boards / DMC Embroidery Floss / Pretty Plastic Embroidery Hoops / Gutermann Thread Collection

Honestly, I’m just really hoping that J.D. doesn’t forget my annual Mother’s Day card and maybe if I’m lucky, Bean and Belle will let me sleep in a bit and maybe we can have a meal where everyone is super chill without any worrying about freak outs. That would be awesome.

Disclaimer: I conveniently added links for the items on this list for future reference. Some are Amazon Affiliate links and some are from Ikea or Home Depot. Just leaving those there for *ahem* ease of shopping. Happy Mother’s Day, y’all! 


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