Cross Stitching A Quilt Label

I’m almost done with all the quilting on Bean’s latest blanket but before finishing and binding, I like adding a cross stitched label. Each of the babies have a personalized symbol that I use for their quilts and with each quilt I’ve experimented with finding the best method of getting the pattern on the quilt so I can stitch it up.

I’ve tried using regular Aida or waste canvas and then carefully pulling out the grid but it’s super time consuming and each time I’ve used that method, my design is super loose and warped.

My favorite method that always comes out beautifully is using a soluble canvas.

For this project, I used:

I start by marking the soluble canvas with the pattern I’m stitching since I prefer to sew mindlessly instead of constantly counting my stitches. I prefer using a fine point Sharpie but I couldn’t locate on today… The ballpoint pen worked perfectly well in a pinch.

Once I have the pattern sketched out, I sew the soluble canvas into position on the back of my quilt with a couple running stitches along the edge and then I start cross stitching!

When I’m done stitching, I carefully snip off the extra canvas that’s around the design and I heat up some water in a shallow, microwaveable bowl to soak the fabric and dissolve the remaining soluble canvas.

After I’m sure everything is dissolved, I use a hand towel to dry the piece and then let it air dry, overnight. The next morning, I finish quilting and binging and then throw it into the washing machine with a couple of Shout Color Catchers and wash and dry the quilt.

Disclaimer: I added affiliate links to the products in this post for easy access but I picked most of this stuff up on a Hobby Lobby run this weekend. 


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