Wild Kratts Toy Review

Y’all, Bean could not be a happier baby today.

Over the weekend he saw the Wild Kratts Tortouga play set at Marshalls and went nuts. They had it for $25 but it was missing the two figurines that comes with it so we convinced him to just keep looking out for it. Every store he went into, he was like a hawk but never found a complete set.

Well, I ended up ordering a complete set on Amazon for a couple more bucks and when it arrived today, Beans heart exploded.

I got an alert that the item had been delivered to our porch so I sent him out there to look and he dragged in a box as big as his body… He pushed it all the way to me and tore into it. He was just so joyous. While I was unboxing it, he ran upstairs and gathered up all his Wild Kratts toys.

Since he’s got them all gathered, I figured I do a little review on them…

Wild Kratts Figurine Set, $20

For Bean’s Wild Kratts themed birthday party we bought a set of figurines that we used for cake decorations and they go perfectly with his new Tortuga Play Set. He did end up with two Aviva figures but he said, “It’s ok. Martin and Chris now have one Aviva…” I think he’s a little torn on which relationship he wants to support.

The figurine set, which comes with 10 characters and two power discs, is a bit flimsy and I’ve had to glue Donita Donata’s head back on after Bean accidentally pulled it off the first time he played with them… But he’s learned his lesson and knows that these toys are a bit more delicate than he’s used to. He hasn’t had any more incidents after I fixed it.

Tortuga Play Set, $30

The Tortuga Play Set is also a little flimsy. It doesn’t close very well and the green ramp doesn’t lock into place firmly. When I opened the box, there were several scuff marks on the outside shell that had to have come from a manufacturing issue.

The Tortuga has a bunch of moving parts — the blue roof slides open, the ramp slides down, the transporter has a little door and a spinning entry, there are three exterior door flaps, there’s a tiny creature power disc dispenser and the head opens up for Jimmy’s cockpit.

I wouldn’t say this toy has great construction and, like the figurines, it’s a little disappointing for the price point but Bean really likes it, even though it’s not movie quality, and as long as I remind him to play gently because it’s “Wild Kratts quality,” the toy will hold up.

Talking Martin & Chris Dolls, $15 

Bean’s Grammy went to Toys ‘R Us to try and find some Wild Kratts toys for his birthday and basically bought everything they had — a talking Martin, Chris’s Creature Pod and a figurine set. When she saw his cake, she had to hurry up and tell me to hide the second figurine set so we could exchange it for something else.

When we got around to exchanging the duplicate figurine set, the talking Chris and Martin’s Creature Pod were both on super clearance so we got both of those with the store credit and had some leftover funds.

The talking Chris and Martin are probably Bean’s favorite and most used toy from the Wild Kratts. Their voices are really clear and they have a good collection of phrases that they use a lot on the show. He loves carrying them around the house and he regularly puts them down for a nap and on many nights, he insists on being tucked in with them.

They’ve held up super well and the talking isn’t annoying at all — and I’m super sensitive to noise making toys.

Creature Pods, $16

Each Creature Pod has 20 images that can be projected on walls. You do have to be relatively close to the projection surface to get a clear picture but the structure of the toy seems really realistic, which Bean loves.

I will note that one Creature Pod has significantly dimmed and is really hard to view when projected and the other one is starting to flicker. I believe you can replace the batteries, which I hope fixes the problem, but Bean has sort of adapted by just looking into the Creature Pod to look at the image.

The quality is a little disappointing given the price but since it was a gift and on clearance, it was worth it since it really enhances Bean’s pretend play.

Zaboomafoo Plush, $12

I found this lemur plush on Amazon, as a fluke — or maybe a carefully placed product by the Amazon gods. He’s not really a Wild Kratts toy but he was my nod to Zaboomafoo, a Kratt Brothers show from my childhood.

The plush is a decent quality. The weave of the white fur on his face is a bit loose and thin but the rest of the stuffed animal is really well made. He’s soft and sits up well, thanks to the beans in his butt and he had held up to a three-year-old dragging him around on a daily basis.

Definitely a good buy.

Wild Kratts: Wildest Animal Adventures DVD, $24

This set of Wildest Animal Adventures DVDs is probably the best Wild Kratts product that we’ve ever bought. Bean watches these DVDs on a daily basis and never gets bored of them. He is always catching new facts and understanding more and more of the information that the brothers present.

There are 5 discs in this collection and it has a total run time of 9 hours and 15 minutes. If you buy each disc individually, each one runs anywhere from $6 to $13, so buying the collection really makes most sense.

I will also note that I am super thankful that the Kratt Brothers don’t do anything annoying that my toddler would copy, unlike that jerk, Caillou, who is not allowed in our house.

Zaboomafoo DVD, $26

The Zaboomafoo DVD isn’t as good of a deal as the Wild Kratts Collection but I got it because I loved this show when I was little and during the summer, Bean caught a glimpse of the show online and really loved “the baby Wild Kratts.”

This one disc has a three-hour run time and the show still holds up. It’s silly and fun and really informative. This is Bean’s favorite DVD when we are in the car and he has developed a small crush on Jackie.

That’s everything.

Some toys are a little bit expensive for the quality but they are all definitely some of Bean’s favorite toys . I don’t foresee purchasing any more Wild Kratts toys since I don’t love the Creature Power Suits and plan on making one for him and  I don’t want to venture into collecting all the smaller figurine packs. So, I would really appreciate it if nobody tells Bean that there are still more Wild Kratts toys that he doesn’t have at home…

Disclaimer: I added Amazon links to all the toys and they are generally the best deal you will find, unless the ones at Toys ‘R Us goes back on clearance. 


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