Closet Organization For Kids

I woke up this morning to a poop covered Belle… Last night I grabbed her a 0-3 month old romper to wear as pajamas. She’s almost seven months old. It was hung in the wrong size section of her closet and since it snapped and didn’t look too snug, I didn’t realize it was so so small.

The romper was tight enough to force the poop straight out the back of her diaper. I mean 95% of the poop was not contained…

After giving her a bath, cleaning her clothes and the bed and getting her put back together, I had to acknowledge that it was time to pull out the items that she’s outgrown and reorganize her closet system.

When I first put her closet together, it made most sense to organize her clothes based on size — newborn, 0-3, 3-6 and so on. It was problematic for a couple reason.

First, not all clothing lines have the same age groups. Some have use a single number while others use two-month or six-month splits. This didn’t mesh well with my OCD brain so I had to create a million little categories in my mind to make all the size groups fit together.

The second issue was that each time we went to put up her laundry, we had to open up each shirt and check it to see what group it belonged it. It was just too time consuming so putting up her laundry fell to whoever it started to bother first… Actually, it bothered me first but I’d make J.D. do it anyway and I kind of feel bad about that.

So I gathered up the stray baby hangers and pant clips and I made her closet clean out my main chore for the day. I grabbed my label maker and headed to her closet. My first order of business was to clear off the hanging bar and pull out all the clothes she’s outgrown. Then I grouped the remaining clothes into item types. I decided to use simple groups that we could sort based on a quick glance.

I relabeled the plastic clothing rack dividers and made new labels for the drawers in her closet.Within each group I made subgroups that were super obvious. For example, her “onesies” section started with long sleeves onesies, progressed to short sleeves and then tank top onesies.

I hung everything back up and am now working on folding all her tiny clothes for storage.I actually use this grouping and labeling system for all the other closets and I’m not sure why my brain insisted on making her closet size-based and so much more complicated than it needed to be.

I love having our closets simple and organized. Now to purge some stuff out of my own closet.

Disclaimer: I included Amazon affiliate links to the plastic clothing rack dividers and other stuff I used to organize Belle’s closet. I love the circle dividers and they fit perfectly with our closet bars but they do rotate so if you’re even more OCD than I am, maybe look into these rectangular dividers. Also, pick up the baby hangers and clips from Target or Walmart for like $2 per pack. 


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