Hot Wheels In The Snow

Last weekend at lunch, my brother-in-law mentioned that when he was Bean’s age, his mom used to cover the kitchen table with some aluminum foil, spray a couple of mounds of Barbasol shaving cream and let him drive his Hot Wheels in the “snow.”

Of course, I had to recreate his childhood memory for Bean and when I sent him a preview picture this morning, he said that it brought back the “old school feelings.”

Luckily, we had everything I needed to put together this activity at home. We didn’t have any Barbasol shaving cream but Bean had a can of Ninja Turtles Bath Foam that worked too.

When Bean came downstairs and saw the setup, he ran over and yelled, “What that?!” and promptly scurried onto a chair and started rolling his cars around. He quickly lost all his cars in the mounds of “snow” and then the activity evolved into burying his hands into the foam. Then he got a little sniff happy and kept taking a whiff and then grinning, “Smells so good…”

After playing for a bit, I let Bean drag his stool to the kitchen sink and clean his cars with the sprayer.

Fun, simple activity to start off a fun day.


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